How to Write Money Making Sales Letters


how to write money making sales lettersIf you’re in the online marketing business, you have to know how to engage your customers, you have to know how to write money making sales letters.  All of us spend much of our lives selling products and services online through a website or social media.

We are trying to sell not just tangible commercial products. We are also always selling our ideas and ourselves.   We sell our boss on why our idea is best and why the company should follow our recommendations.  Whether you are in the sales field or not, you are selling yourself or something all of the time.  Writing money making sales letters is something you must have to do.

Selling is the science and art of persuasion—specifically, persuading others to do what you want them to do.  Knowing All of us spend much of our lives selling things online or in person.  Therefore, knowing how to write money making sales letters is an absolute must!

People you are trying to persuade do not care one wit about your business or who you are. They don’t care about how hard you work or the fact that you’ve been in business since 1960. They don’t care whether you are making money or losing money. They don’t care what the names of your kids are or whether you are a really nice person. All they really care about is whether you can deliver what they want.  All of the other things are just sugar on top.

how to write money making sales lettersOne of the ways of writing money making sales letters is understanding your clientele.  Sell them on something you know they either want or need.  Don’t try to sell them on something that is bogus or even you yourself don’t believe in.  If you are selling a product online, then you must love that product and use it yourself.

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