Whether you’re a newbie to internet business or seasoned internet marketer, my Internet Webmaster Courses will show you in an easy to follow step-by-step format, how to achieve online marketing goals fast and without breaking the bank.  My courses are easy to understand and follow that you’ll be able to put them to use immediately and see benefits in your bank account right away.

I’ve used these methods of marketing over the last 12 years to build an online business empire with over 345 money making websites in various niches.


You will do the same!  You will too start making money like I do.  Just imagine the benefits of making the kind of money you want and living financially worry free.

Here are just some of the subjects that cover in my 9 video Internet Webmaster Courses:


Brand Creation

Courses designed to target specific niches and brand creation.  Our 30 year vets of brand creation will hold you hand through the tiddious process of brand creation.  

Web Development

Learn how to build your own turnkey ecommerce website.  No special coding needed.  I will show you how to build your search engine optimized website, turnkey with ecommerce built in.

"40 Hour Marketing Plan"

My secret formula to achieving your online success goals.  How to work 40 hours per week advertising and marketing and creating a monster SEO website, that dominates your competiotion.

Social Media Marketing

Create automation and be on all social platforms, and interacting with users and getting sales.  We will cover how to keep your social media hot and active at all time.

Search Engine Optimization

Using my decade long experience with SEO, I will show you how you will reach the #1 spot of Google, Yahoo and Bing effortlessly using SEO tactics that still being used by the best online marketers.

Email Marketing

From setting up your email opt-in list to email funnels.  We will show you easy email and funnel campaign creation and how to automate your email campaigns for easy operation and generate revenue.

PPC Online Advertising

You will learn how to use PPC campaigns to your advantage. We will cover Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords advertising and how to create the ads that keep your customers buying.

Affiliate Marketing

We’re going to cover how to leverage affiliates to sell your products.  We will create an action plan of how to find eager sellers and give them the tools they need to sell.

Content Creation

We will teach you where and how to find the online freelancers and content creators that will deliver quality and affordabe unique content for your website and marketing campaigns.   

Go From a Total Beginner To An Internet Webmaster In No Time Flat!


If you act today, I will throw in my Email List Building courses as well.  This is a 7 course video series, showing you the ins and outs of starting your own money making email list. I will include the subscriber’s emails in it for you as well. That’s just crazy right?! You get detailed courses on how to create a money making email list and the emails to send to subscribers????

Now that’s a great deal. This course is easily sold online for $500, but I’ve dropped the price to just $5 for you, oh wait, IT’S FREE! I’m throwing it in.

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Here are the bonus tools, courses and eBooks you’ll get: 

That’s right you will get all the 36 SEO Certified Tools, Courses, my Email List Building Courses and my Internet Webmaster Course all total value of $4,570 for the lowest price of………………………are you ready?????

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Just look at all the things that you are going to learn and the benefits my courses are going to give YOU:


  • How to build your own money making ecommerce website
  • How to edit the website to suit your needs and function the way you want
  • How to set up your email autoresponder campaigns
  • How to set your funnel campaigns
  • How to do proper search engine optimization
  • How to rank your website on Google’s 1st page
  • How to set up you online business on auto so you can focus on yourself
  • Pay off all of you debts
  • Be financially free
  • Be happy with your family
  • Take vacatoins
  • By anything you want for your family anytime 
  • Most importantly, LIVE THE LIFE YOU WANT!



“I’m so recommending the Webmaster Course so highly. I had invested in a variety of different cannabis business courses from other industry leaders – including a significant amount of money. It’s wasn’t until I could use the MANY training videos and resources in this course that I FINALLY got it.

Immediately after the my certification I put my skills to the test and finally ran my first successful ads. I had wasted a lot of money over many failed online marketing and advertising as attempts before this for years. I have even hired professional for my husbands real estate business to run ads – and lost thousands of dollars ads that did not covert any leads.

Following Faragoms’ master course, I ran my first ad campaign. I used the approach and strategies he recommended and have since run multiple converting ad campaigns for real estate converting in BUYER leads and SELLER leads. Consistent conversions and lead generation!

Access to membership to the private Clubhouse chatrooms allows direct feedback from Sam AND everyone else at any time you may have questions or want to keep up to date on changes. It is a wonderfully resourceful community to place to continue to learn.

I now have multiple requests to manage digital marketing campaigns and adwords ads from several businesses and friends and am finally confident enough in my skills that I can help others.

Cannot say enough about this course! If you want to learn how to do this the right way, THIS is the best resource available. Andrea also makes it easy and is even entertaining – which is an added bonus. Thank you! You have loyal fan and student in me.” 

Natasha Luybova

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